I lost my airpods on the night of Tuesday 11th Feb in the study lounge in Sourin. They’re in a baby blue case.  They’re called “Kate’s Airpods” – I know for a fact this is where I lost them, and … Continued

Lost Airpods

I lost my air pods while I was on one of the shuttle buses that was going to target. I  am pretty sure they fell out of my pocket. Please let me know if you came across anything.

Found I Pad

A small I-pad was found in Room 415 Science Center on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 9:30 a.m.

Lost Red Bag

It is red with small flowers, has a zipper, and has makeup in it.

Lost Student ID

I may have dropped my student ID around the Campion parking lot or actually in Campion. If found, please contact me at gp675988@sju.edu

Job Available

Single Mom needs assistance with 26-year-old-son who is enrolled in the Kinney Day Program. The individual is fun, well-behaved and very social. WOuld need help with transportation to and from St. Joe’s several days per week. Program hours are 9:00am … Continued

Lost- AirPods

Dropped my AirPods earlier today leaving Bellermine walking Post on my way to Mandeville. I know its a shot in the dark, but if anyone picked them up please let me know. Thanks!   The name was JQ AirPods

Selling Python Crash Course 2e

I am selling a python programming book called Python Crash Course 2e It is like new and the book is perfect for python beginner. $15