DSS 670/DSS 545 -$25 - Information Dashboard Design

DSS 670/DSS 545 Data Visualization and Performance Analytics. This book is needed for Tableau and Qlik class. Shipment will be made the same day as the request. ISBN-13: 978-0596100162 ISBN-10: 0596100167

Key and Lanyard Found

Hi everyone, I found a key and lanyard outside on the corner of Overbrook and Cardinal. Please let me know if it’s yours/if you recognize whose it is. One photo of the key is attached; the other side of the … Continued

SOC 150/202 books for sale (Dr. Kennedy-Bergen)

I am selling two SOC 150/202 books: “Understanding Diversity” by Renzetti/Bergen, and “Hooking Up” by Bogle. I bought both used from the bookstore and am selling them at a very discounted price. Email me at os718494@sju.edu to purchase them!!


I lost my right airpod somewhere on my walk from Bellarmine hall to Mandeville, I really need to find it because I was borrowing them from a friend.  $2o reward.  Please contact me at 908-424-9927 or ce718243@sju.edu if found.

Linear Methods textbook $50

Linear Methods A General Education Course textbook by David Hecker and Stephen Andrilli. Used but in excellent condition. $50